Saturday, November 03, 2018

Writing the Naturist Book

Just as I am pondering the wisdom of writing naturist fiction, there come my Real Naturists of the Year 2017, Nick and Lins from Belgium, with a book about their own naturist history, and how they build their successful image as worldwide Naked Wanderers.
The book, Alles Uit!, is so far only available in a Dutch-language version. The title means 'Everything Off!', meaning your clothes of course.
I hope Belgian readers - who at the moment must be flocking to the annual book fair in Antwerp - are more open to the idea of naturist books than those in other parts of the world.
Even Taiwan, where naturism is still banned, there have been some books published about nudity and naturism, though most were not given widespread publicity. The most recent of them was available at the Songyan branch of Taiwan's own luxury book chain Eslite, a major advantage even though it was wrapped in plastic with an age warning stuck on.
The naturist books I'm thinking about right now are novels - the same detective or spy novels you can find at any book store in the world, even at airports - but with naturist characters. Imagine a Jack Reacher or a DCI Banks or Bosch who is a naturist - and you'll  know what I mean.
Not an outrageously all-nudist book, not a book saying nudists are funny and laughable, but a true novel, of serious or popular fiction, where at least one of the protagonists is a real naturist.
That should be my New Year's resolution for 2019, write a 'naturist novel' which will not end up in some distant hidden specialty corner of just one book store here and there, but which could be up there among the bestsellers! Easier said than done, I know.
In the meantime, as a large part of the world is heading into winter, you can check out Nick and Lins, their Naked Wanderings, and their new book 'Alles Uit!' at their website.

Saturday, June 09, 2018

On the day hundreds, or even thousands, of people are preparing to cycle through the streets of major cities, including London, naked for the World Naked Bike Ride, we also want to throw a light on a development in the world of naturism.
Our Real Naturists of the Year 2017, Belgian couple Nick and Lins, are already famous for their blog Naked Wanderings, relating their naturist trips around the world, which recently also hit Thailand.
While moving around California and Mexico, they still found time to launch a new initiative: NUDE, or the Nudist's Ultimate Destination Explorer.
Both owners of naturist 'areas' - could be hotels, B&Bs, campgrounds, anything that once used to be known by the oddly historical term of 'colonies' - and their visitors can register and offer suggestions, descriptions, comments on one website -
The aim looks like being a kind of online version of world naturism guides - a list of naturist accomodations and areas around the world including relevant details, about location and transportation, whether "clothing optional" is allowed, and other useful information for a potential visitor.
In my personal experience, there are always surprises: at some naturist resorts, the restaurant is textile - which means you have to go back to your room and dress or undress before and after each meal - in my humble opinion, an annoying waste of time. Some naturist hotels also allow visitors from outside to live as a naturist during the day for a fee, which is useful if say, you already have your own place in the neighborhood but no official naturist beaches, which can happen in places like Thailand.
All in all, any initiative like NUDE deserves our encouragement.
If you are cycling today in one of the many World Naked Bike Rides, good luck to you, but you can also think one step further - and plan a total nakation, a weekend, or a week, or two, when you don't have to be concerned about wearing clothes at all.

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Friday, May 04, 2018

Off to the Garden of Eden

Photo Courtesy of JayManCan aka JayManGrow (Wikimedia Commons)

Adam and Eve were the original world naked gardeners, so why not follow their example?
In large parts of the world, spring is about to erupt. Even Britain is predicting 27 degrees this weekend, Taiwan is heading across the 30 degrees, and countries which are leaving summer behind hopefully still enjoy an autumn balmy enough for some nude sprucing.
The eternal problem of course is what kind of garden people have. I myself don't have a garden worth that name. Living high up in a building, there are plants on the floors of the balconies. I might venture out there in my natural state, but it won't take long before either the neighbors or the police who are regulating traffic several floors lower might get an eyeful of what I'm up to.
I  used to live in the countryside, which was much more friendly to naked gardening, at least from the size and vision angles. The garden was huge, and a considerable part of it was lined by walls of 2 meters and higher, not allowing any neighbors or passersby to see what was going on inside.
That of course is the ideal place to spend the first Saturday of each May, World Naked Gardening Day. You don't have to worry about any non-naturist or sensitive neighbors or passersby, you just do your thing, and not just on May 5 this year, but every warm day.
I'll probably never again own a patch of garden where I can enjoy truly 100 percent naked gardening, though I've always dreamed of living in a totally naturist community, where I never have to wear any clothes any day, except when it's too cold, but then, I would pick a spot in a warmer climate anyway.
To all those lucky enough or brave enough to spend a true World Naked Gardening Day, my best wishes. If you're not gardening and happen to be in Paris, with tickets already booked, this Saturday also marks the naked tour of the Palais de Tokyo Museum.

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Thursday, May 03, 2018

Everybody Can Be Botticelli's Venus

Photo from Emily Ratajkowski's Instagram account @emrata

I've said it many times before on this blog, especially around the time I announce my Celebrity Naturist of the Year. Just because a famous person likes posing nude or issuing nude pictures to the world, does not mean they are naturists.
For most celebrities, we just don't know whether their preference for nudity only exists in front of the camera or extends into their daily lives. As celebrities, they are unlikely to appear at nude beaches with Jack and Jill Naturist, but will prefer a more private environment, at a villa or on a yacht near an isolated beach.
Emily Ratajkowski is a case in point. She became famous for wandering topless in the Blurred Lines pop video, condemned by many  as an example of pure sexism. Since then, she has been frequently posting topless or 'near-naked' pictures of herself on her Instagram, ensuring they get picked up by the world media.
Is she a true naturist? Difficult to tell. Eva Mendes, Heidi Klum and Rosario Dawson - to name but a few of my past Celebrity Naturists of the Year - are known to hang around naked in their homes or on the beach. If you look at the past Instagram offerings by @emrata, you must come to the conclusion, that at least when she's at home or at a villa with pool, Emily Ratajkowski enjoys it too.
Of course, there is the issue of looks and fame. The all-too-frequent reaction to nudity is that it's allright if the person in case is good to look at, but if they somehow don't conform to general ideals of beauty, they should remain dressed.
This is where naturism comes in. At a naturist resort, on a nude beach, it doesn't matter whether you look like Emily Ratajkowski or not. Everyone is free to enjoy the sunshine and the water on his or her skin, and doesn't have to worry about what other people will think. Not only social class distinctions disappear with the clothes, but notions of beauty as well.
In the naturist world, everybody can become Botticelli's Venus, just like Emily Ratajkowski.
Maybe that's an idea for a new photo album, people of varying body types posing for The Birth of Venus. Anyway, whether she's a naturist or not, I personally feel Emily Ratajkowski - and other nude-friendly celebrities like her - are promoting the idea that nudity is OK, nudity is relaxation and nature.
Kim Kardashian also went 'one step further' with her most recent nude post, according to the media:

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Celebrity Naturist of the Year 2017: Kate Moss

British supermodel Kate Moss is the Celebrity Naturist of the Year 2017.
Before I hear you shouting 'what?,' let me explain again that the  Celebrity Naturist might not be a true naturist who hangs out at the campsite each month or who regularly holidays at one of the well-known naturist resorts or nude beaches, but someone who is famous and who has - willingly or not - contributed to the wider acceptance of nudity.
Of course, your first reaction might be that Kate Moss is too sexual, too commercial and too unlike other 'real' persons to be considered for this honor.
Yet, despite all her ads for fashion, her sexiness and sometimes provocativeness, the negative aspects of her lifestyle, one still can't help but feel that Kate Moss sees nudity as something natural and free, and not just as a pose to get in to help sell some clothes, perfumes or magazines.
Yes, she is beautiful and shaped unlike 99 percent of other people, but does that mean that she thinks other people can't go nude?
Her relaxed attitude to nudity, and the frequent holiday shots of her topless or less, show that she is more than just a model.
Like Australia's Elle MacPherson, Kate Moss makes you feel she sees nudity as a normal aspect of life, of humanity.
If because of her, one woman anywhere else feels that yes, she too can do things without clothes, whether sunbathing, swimming, sitting at home naked, wandering around the house or garden naked, then Kate Moss deserves her title of Celebrity Naturist of the Year 2017.
As we are looking toward 2018, one would only hope that more celebrities are brave enough to come out and say they are naturists, just like over the past few years many have 'outed' themselves as gay.
(Photo above by Rankin.)

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Real Naturists of the Year 2017: Naked Wanderings

 Belgian couple Nick and Lins of Naked Wanderings are our Real Naturists of the Year 2017.

They discovered naturism and decided to travel around the world and visit naturist resorts, hotels and beaches along the way.
It might not sound original to people who have been naturists for, say, 30 years, and have spent every annual holiday naked at resorts or campings in Spain, France, Croatia or Florida, but it's the enthusiasm that counts.
Nick and Lins went from not knowing anything about naturism to raving enthusiasts, so much so they don't want to have any other holidays but naturist ones and they are willing to travel the world to find out different naturist and cultural experiences.
It feels like what I would have wanted to do. I've been around at least part of the world and had naturist experiences on three continents, but at a much slower rate, spread over several decades.
It all began for me in what was then Yugoslavia, at Koversada in present-day Croatia, and over the years I practiced naturism, mostly on nude beaches, in places like Santa Barbara, California, the Swedish island of Oland, Biograd na Moru again in Croatia/Yugoslavia, Greece, Groede in the Netherlands, Valalta near Rovinj in Croatia, Bredene in Belgium, and Pattaya, Thailand.
The world has grown much smaller since and the naturist part of it much larger, with naturist beaches or resorts now available from Peru and Brazil to South Africa, New Zealand and Thailand.
We wish Nick and Lins the best on their travels, and as any traveling couple should have, they place their reports and opinions on a blog - - and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Do Celebrities Hurt or Help?

British supermodel Kate Moss has recorded a promotional video for fashion house Saint Laurent. The unanimous focus in media reports was on her appearing topless in the ads, which, first of all, for Kate Moss, is nothing out of the ordinary, and secondly, for any European woman on the beach, is not that far out of the ordinary either.
So do celebrities appearing topless or naked, either on the beach themselves, or in ads and on posters, help or hurt the cause of non-sexual social nudity?
The ads of course are never related to naturism, since they are only topless and mostly not related to typical naturist activities such as swimming, sunbathing or beach sports. They also only feature 'beautiful' people, models with the body sizes, dimensions and looks unlikely to come in for criticism. Too many comments on naturism go in the direction of body shaming, such as saying people who are not models should not go naked in the first place.
There is also the sexual dimension, which in ads for fashion will always be there.
As long as the ads are not overtly sexual in nature, I believe that ones like the Kate Moss photos above do help in making social nudity more acceptable.
That's why each year, by the end of December, I  come up with a 'Celebrity Naturist of the Year' award as well as a 'Real Naturist of the Year' winner. It's difficult to tell whether those celebrities are true naturists, some of them are, some of them aren't, but I still believe they play a role in promoting social nudity in a world where false modesty is making a return.
For the full Kate Moss/Saint Laurent video, visit Harper's Bazaar at
Photos courtesy of Saint Laurent, as published in The Sun and The Daily Mail UK.