Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy World Naturist Day

I hope you had a perfect World Naturist Day, i.e. a day that included naturism, either as an active participant, or as an observer and potential new convert to the cause. Because that is what World Naturist Day is all about, introducing naturism to a new audience by throwing the doors wide open and letting the outside world know what it is about. As we old hands know, naturism is about freedom, oneness with nature, relaxation, and respect for others. It is not about Peeping Toms, sex, pornography, indecency and exhibitionism.
On World Naturist Day, I noted that US President Barack Obama said he would attend activities for Gay Pride Month. I've been thinking about this for a long time: what if you replaced the word 'gay' in news reports and official comments with the word 'naturist?'
Shouldn't we be proud to be naturists? Shouldn't the President of the United States, or any other politician or celebrity, be emphasizing naturist rights, the benefits of naturism, and the fight against discrimination of naturists? When are we going to have a world leader, president, prime minister or king saying it's allright to be nude and naturists are as normal as you and me?
If there is a gay rights movement that can gain widespread acceptance, at least in the West and in economically advanced countries, shouldn't there also be a naturist movement that can do the same? Of course, there is, there are naturist movements all over the world, but usually you only hear about them at a limited number of travel fairs.
Shouldn't World Naturist Day be an excellent opportunity to tell the world that, yes, there are millions of naturists around the world, yes, they have strong economic clout, and yes, they are perfectly normal people as well?