Saturday, May 11, 2013

Kate M.

Kate M.
A British woman at the height of her life, attractive, world famous, a star. Topless pictures in the media and on the Internet.
Who is that? Well, there are two answers to that question.
The first one is Kate ... Middleton. The Princess and likely future Queen of Great Britain (and Canada, Australia, ...) was seen topless at a swimming pool. Furore, right or wrong? Right, if the furore was about the shameless invasion of her privacy, taking pictures of her without her knowing on a private property with no questions asked, no permission given. Nobody should live in fear of being photographed in a private garden, pool or home by outsiders. No ordinary person and no celebrity or royalty. Wrong, if the furore was about a princess daring to go topless. She was in sunny France, in the sunshine, by the side of a pool. What else do you expect a young European woman to be wearing in such an environment? Too bad Kate Middleton missed a chance to stand up and defend the right of women to go topless. She would have made a great spokesperson for topless equality, but even now, if shy women know that even a British princess and future queen finds it acceptable to go topless, it's a big move in the right direction.
The other woman is Kate ... Moss, of course. Already long known for not scurrying away from nude or topless photo shoots, Miss Moss joined in a campaign for a suntan cream brand I never heard of before, Saint-Tropez, of course also the name of the French Mediterranean town made famous by icon Brigitte Bardot. Yes, the blue mixed in with grey in the foreground looks a bit fake though quite fresh, and the same could be said for the blue sky. The fact that the picture went on nearly all news sites online is a tribute to its beauty. Miss Moss might not be a true naturist - and her rumored familiarity with drugs is not part of the naturist lifestyle - but she is already a world-class icon. She is model-beautiful, yes, but she is also brave enough to dare to be nude.
Harking back to Brigitte Bardot, movies about strong French women have been quite successful, just think about Piaf with Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard and Coco Avant Chanel with Audrey Tautou. If there is ever a movie about Bardot, Kate Moss - even though she is a model and not an actress - is the obvious choice for the title role. If you need a script, @KateAMoss, please let me know, I'll be more than happy to write it for you.
When it comes to Kate M., one could say that topless is more, but naturism is the most.

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