Sunday, September 06, 2015

Naturism: All You Need Is A Smile

I never thought I could fall in love with an image.
On Facebook, NUSA Sun Inc. puts up pictures directly and indirectly related to naturism. I have no idea where their picture above was taken and who the person in the picture is - yes, she looks a bit like Michelle Obama, doesn't she? - but this is the most beautiful promotional picture for naturism I've ever seen.
Outsiders who stumble upon a nude beach or first-time visitors to a naturist resort sometimes say that there are only "old people" there - a statement I have always found to be untrue. Visiting scores of nude beaches across the world, from California to Sweden via Croatia, Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as naturist hotels in Croatia and Thailand, I have never had the impression that only old people were naturists.
Certainly, there are old people at each naturist beach or resort, but there are also young couples with childrens, middle aged singles and couples, and just about any kind of people.
The real problem with some naturist areas is that they don't get enough women because it takes some courage for women to be persuaded to visit. Ethnic minorities are also a problem, but then again, that's also understandable. For many Caucasians, naturism might not be about more than getting that nice tan, while people in East Asia for example tend to run away from the sun, favoring open umbrellas and whitening creams to sunshine and tans.
And that's where the beauty of this picture lies: a woman, an African-American woman, who nevertheless wants to take part in the naturist lifestyle.
I don't know who she is, I don't even know whether she's just on a regular beach or a nude beach, I can't tell whether she's just topless or naturist, but her smile says it all. Naturism is all about feeling happy and contented.
The woman is saying: in naturism, you don't need clothes, all you need is a smile.
Good luck to you, and good luck to NUSA!

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