Saturday, April 22, 2017

Naked with your colleagues?

Naturists usually go on holiday just like other people do, in a nuclear family setting: husband and wife with children, but what if non-naturists suddenly have to go on a naturist holiday with ... colleagues at work?
Belgian online magazine Charlie sent its staff - five women and two men - on just such a trip.
Editor-in-chief Jozefien describes how most of the bodies we see, especially women but now also men, are at least partly fake: advertising uses 'perfect' bodies, sometimes photoshopped, never natural, never the way you see your own body, the one you wake up with or take into the shower., which means people have a warped idea of what a natural human body looks like. The magazine's experiment wanted to change all that, she says.
Sexuologist Wim describes how a long time ago, people saw nothing wrong with nudity, while today, the quickest way to be thrown off Facebook is to post a picture of women's breasts.
The three women staff members interviewed in the 1:28 minute video about their experience say how they very quickly got used to being naked and seeing their colleagues naked. Only one of the three said she had enough and did not regret having to put her clothes back on at the end.
They say that usually - meaning, in advertising - all breasts are the same, but here, they saw all types of breasts, in a natural way. They also emphasized that everybody had to be naked.
At present, there are more and more "CO" or "clothing optional" resorts, where you are not forced to go all naked. The practice is designed to introduce those still alien to the idea of total social nudity to the concept. Especially women who are new to naturism might feel more comfortable if they can at first go topless and see how it goes, though the ideal is that they overcome their fears and join the naturists as soon as possible.
As to myself, a naturist for more than 35 years though limited by my geographical location in Taiwan, I can hardly imagine going on a naturist holiday with my colleagues, or even my relatives and friends. It's not that I'm too shy, it's just that I don't think they are up to it, or even understand the concept.
When Taiwanese go on holiday to "naturist-friendly" countries, say in Europe, they will visit historic monuments, famous scenery, and go shopping, but a stay at a beach is hardly ever on the schedule, partly due to time constraints, partly because Taiwanese and Asians in general are not as beach-oriented as westerners.
As a result, most Taiwanese have never been to a beach in Europe, so they are not aware that women can be and are topless on most beaches, let alone that there are so many naturist and free beaches around the continent, even in supposedly colder countries.
The Charlie Magazine article (in Dutch):
The Charlie Magazine video (in Dutch):

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