Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Summer That Wasn't

The summer of 2011.
The summer vacation is officially over, and what an awful summer it was, for naturists like me and for everyone who likes normal old-fashioned summers, with lots of sunshine and bearable temperatures.
Of course I'm talking about the most naturist continent in the world, Europe. If you spent most of the past few months in Spain, Hungary, Greece or even Russia, you probably don't understand what I'm moaning about.
But if you live in countries like the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Great Britain, yes, you do know the summer of 2011 was one of the worst you ever lived through.
Right now, it's also official. Meteorologists - who are supposed to predict the weather but are often better at analyzing what's past - say the summer was the worst in 34 years. That means since 1977, a summer I don't particularly remember, though it followed the summer of 1976, which was one of the best summers ever, except in Cornwall, where I happened to spend my annual holiday.
This summer was also awful because it rained a lot: a total of 61 days during June, July and August, that's two months out of three. I know there are naturists who enjoy a couple of raindrops on their bare skin, but for two full months? No, thanks.
Despite all the misery for people having to stay in the aforementioned Western European countries, there were still nude events around the world that lightened up one's naturist heart.
Spencer Tunick was at it again, photographing hundreds of completely nude women and men in a garden outside a Belgian castle. The semi-nude to fully nude cyclists were out on the streets of several world cities again to protest against the waste of energy and fuel, and members of a cult advocated the legalization of just being topless for women. The magazines obsessed by stars from the entertainment world came up with their annual topic of semi-nude celebrities - not in sex scenes from movies or TV, but from public beaches where they enjoyed the sea, the sand and the sun as everyone would. Too bad they were not naturists, just topless.
And at the end of it all? Ironically, right now, I'm looking outside a window and what do I see? It's September 1, the summer holidays are officially over, but the weather is trying to give us one of the most summery periods for a while.
We lost the summer of 2011, but we can still win the early autumn. Naturists can still have an Indian summer.

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