Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chelsea Handler and Sandra Bullock

Until this week, few people outside the United States had ever heard of Chelsea Handler. But one bold move to film a promotion of her talk show Chelsea Lately's new season changed all that. The clip showing her walking naked into the showers and being aggressively 'handled' by global superstar Sandra Bullock went around the world.
Well, maybe I'm exaggerating. Even though it was shown in the US with 'blur' and 'mosaics' covering up the strategic bits, many Asian TV stations, which are otherwise generous with showing their viewers footage of people streaking or swimming in cold weather in the nude, did not pick up the images.
European media are less shy, but the problem there is of course that news media are still 'serious' and will not regard anything that appears on a US talk show as news. Still, there are the European newspapers. Their web sites picked up on the Chelsea Lately show, as you can see here at the web site of the Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws:
Why should a naturist be excited about two famous women naked on TV? Right, neither Handler nor Bullock were promoting naturism. They were not sunbathing, swimming or playing sports naked, as naturists would do. All they did was take a shower and talk, and some of the talk was pretty silly at that.
Yet, there is one element that should make naturists happy. The nudity was not salacious or occasional, it was natural. Women in the shower. On a major mainstream TV show. With not just a prominent TV presenter willing to go naked, but also one of Hollywood's top stars. That takes courage, but it also sends out a message. It's allright for women or other people to appear naked in a natural, non-sexual contest. If Chelsea Handler and Sandra Bullock are not worried about appearing naked and about the gossip and recriminations, then why should other - 'normal' or 'common' - people?
Congratulations, Chelsea and Sandra. That short TV footage just propelled both of you to the status of frontrunner for my Celebrity Naturist of the Year Award to be announced around Christmas.
Naturists should take heart that the two famous women dared to make this clip, and that the TV station was brave enough to show it in a climate of fear about 'wardrobe malfunctions.'