Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Breastfeeding Revolution in Taiwan (2)

This blog told you in January that the government had approved a decision to legalize breastfeeding in public and to outfit major "destinations" with breastfeeding rooms. Well, the decision just moved one step in the right direction Monday when Taiwan's notorious Legislative Yuan - more often making international headlines for its large-scale fights - approved the first stage of the law.
According to the proposal, not only will women be allowed to breastfeed anywhere they please, but there will also be fines for anyone trying to prevent them from doing so.
As to the locations required to install breastfeeding rooms, they include government offices and state-run businesses beginning from a surface of 500 square meters, stations, airports and other transportation centers from 1,000 square meters, and department stores, supermarkets and shopping malls from 10,000 square meters. At least some stations on Taipei's modern Mass Rapid Transit (subway) system already have them.
On the same day as the proposal passed, Taiwan's media reported about an attractive 22-year-old mother who posted her breastfeeding pictures on her blog. She told TV interviewers that the first time she breastfed in public, there were worried reactions, but later nobody made any objections. She now realizes that breastfeeding in public is the most natural thing to do. By posting the pictures on her blog, she wants to encourage young mothers to follow the healthy practice.
No doubt to be continued when the Legislative Yuan goes for the third and final reading of the law.

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