Monday, November 06, 2006

Mountain Naturism

Summer is over as far as Taiwan is concerned, and autumn is here. But what does this mean in practice? It means for the past weekend we've had day temperatures of between 25 and 28 degrees centigrade, quite a breeze, and glorious sunshine.
So autumn here is still right for naturism by Europeans like me, even though many Taiwanese have taken to wearing thick jackets to go to work.
By the time the next summer comes around, I hope to know where I can practice naturism in the great outdoors. Qingjing is a popular area high in the mountains of the central Taiwanese county of Nantou. Its claim to fame includes many bed and breakfasts and restaurants built to look like they're in Switzerland, believe or not. In the background is a reservoir lake, and all around is some beautiful nature.
One of the B & Bs here is organizing something quite special every summer: a naturist walk. Yes, they do know that public nudity is banned by law in Taiwan, but they say that the walk takes place along a very private and secluded path unlike to attract any voyeurs or surprise passersby, or police for that matter.
The B & B also selects the participants. I don't know how they do that, but I imagine they can fend off too many single males from showing up. There is an application process, and applications are strictly reviewed.
Unless there's a typhoon headed that way, count me in for next summer!
And the book on naturism, I hear you ask? Yes, I'm still writing it, but with other projects, work, and travel, it's not going as fast as it should. Also, I'm writing it in Mandarin Chinese which is far from my native language. Maybe I should take a long leave and do my writing - where else - at a naturist resort. In any event, I've thought of a fancy title for the book, and I've set myself the deadline of late June 2007 for finishing it. The hardest part will be convincing a Taiwanese publisher to dare break precedent and come up with a book on such a subject. On the other hand, since it's new and different and concerns something like nudity, it should be an easy sell, shouldn't it?