Saturday, May 07, 2016

The Garden of Eden

Today, May 7, 2016, is World Naked Gardening Day.
Why? Because the first Saturday of May has the ring of spring to it, at least in most of the Northern Hemisphere. I imagine even fellow naturists in the Southern Hemisphere can still venture outside in the nude today and take care of their bushes and trees.
I often use the formula #thingstodointhenude on Twitter to promote things you can do in the nude, and as the organizers of the World Naked Gardening Day say, gardening is the second-best naturist activity after swimming.
When the sun is out, there's nothing better than communing with nature in the way God created you. You can have your own Garden of Eden.
Or in my case, a microgarden of Eden.
As you can see in the picture, my garden is no bigger than a sixpack. It's set on a low wooden chair on my balcony - which gives me a grand view of the river and the six-lane road beside it, but unfortunately, that also works the opposite way.
The busy intersection below is often manned by police, as it is today, a sunny 33-degree weekend day, when thousands of drivers, but also motorcyclists and cyclists, head out of the capital Taipei toward the closest coastal town.
So my nude gardening is hardly nude and barely gardening, but I'm sure thousands, no, millions of people live in conditions better 'suited' for naturist plantwork.
Back in Europe, I used to live in a house with a huge enclosed garden. Walking around naked was still difficult, because in some spots, different neighbors might see you from their upper-floor windows, and of course, you could never tell whether they were home or not, and on which floor they were.
My dream, as any naturist's dream, would be to live in an environment where it doesn't matter whether you're nude or not. The weather would be the only force dictating whether you should be wearing anything at all, and gardening could be naked all year round, in any place, at home, behind the house or in front, alone or in full view.
For those who have already realized that dream, every day will be World Naked Gardening Day.