Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Celebrity Naturists of the Year 2012: Sandra Bullock and Chelsea Handler
That is the short and irreverent piece of film which allowed Hollywood star Sandra Bullock and TV host Chelsea Handler to win the accolade of Celebrity Naturists of the Year 2012.
Are they naturists? Probably not. Is taking a shower naked a naturist thing? No, it's everybody's thing. The difference is: they talked together naked in the shower, even if just for a skit, and it got broadcast without being labeled a wardrobe malfunction. It still got covered by blurry 'mosaics' to prevent an outcry, even though we naturists would not do so.
Nevertheless, we believe Sandra Bullock and Chelsea Handler, through the shooting of this minimovie and its broadcasting during the talk show Chelsea Lately, sent out a message that nudity on television should not be as offensive as some people think.
Nudity is beautiful if it comes with respect for the human body. Nudity is part of us, and even religious people who do not like nudity have to admit that humans received their body from God, so where is the problem?
Sandra Bullock and Chelsea Handler join the series of famous people including Eva Mendes, Rosario Dawson, Hilary Swank and Heidi Klum to be named Celebrity Naturist of the Year. Some of them are true naturists, some of them aren't, but they all, one way or another, knowingly or unknowingly, promoted the cause of naturism, of being naked in public without meaning to offend or insult.
Have you noticed how all our Celebrity Naturists of the Year have been women so far? Spencer Tunick of course is a strong frontrunner every year and will eventually win the prize, but we feel that because barriers to naturism in our society are higher for women, it is important to find female role models who point the way.
Congratulations to Sandra Bullock and Chelsea Handler for their Celebrity Naturists of the Year Award for 2012.

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Real Naturist of the Year 2012: Philippe

The Real Naturist of the Year Award celebrates a person who is both a true naturist and has done something outstanding to promote the cause of naturism over the past year.
The award for 2012 goes to Philippe, the first naturist and man to appear full-frontally nude on evening television in Belgium.
The show 'Manneke Paul' on Dutch-language TV channel VTM wanted to report about plans to open a 'naturist forest' in Belgium's coastal province, but had to delay because it just couldn't find people to show living the naturist lifestyle. That's where Philippe came in. He volunteered and the TV show could go ahead.
Philippe is a 52-year-old teacher who teaches Dutch for foreign-language pupils at an elementary school in the city of Ghent.
The courage of people like Philippe does more for the cause of naturism than anything else: show ordinary people like you and me enjoying naturism for what it is, and you will convince people that non-sexual public nudity is not a sin, it's the way we were intended to live.
You can find the original Dutch-language report about Philippe at the Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws at

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