Friday, December 31, 2010

Celebrity Naturist of the Year 2010: Ali Larter

"Heroes" star Ali Larter is the Celebrity Naturist of the Year 2010 for daring to say she enjoys skinny-dipping and the naturist lifestyle. Actors are known for sometimes doing nude scenes in movies and for wearing little outside acting, but it doesn't happen too often you can find celebrities saying they are naturists.
Ali Larter's statement in 2010 shows that yes, famous people, famous women, with a positive image do like the naturist lifestyle of non-sexual social nudity.
Larter, who since "Heroes" starred in the thriller "Obsessed" with Beyonce and Idriss Elba and gave birth to a child, shows that naturism is mainstream, and that wanting to swim, sunbathe and do sports in the nude is a healthy proposition.
Right now, even "wholesome" star Jennifer Aniston is getting acquainted with life at naturist resorts for a role in an upcoming movie.
Our previous Celebrity Naturists of the Year include Eva Mendes, who admitted to gardening in the nude, Hilary Swank, who likes being naked at home, and Rosario Dawson, whose mother took her to a naturist beach in the New York area.
The Nude Guru will continue to promote naturism by announcing awards for the Real Naturist of the Year, honoring individuals or organizations who promoted the cause, and the Celebrity Naturist of the Year, showing that famous people enjoy naturism as well, at the end of each year.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Real Naturist of the Year 2010: Naturist Association Thailand

Naturism has long been seen as a mostly European phenomenon, with outposts in most of the "Western" world. Germany, France, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and Croatia are the countries where naturism is the most popular among the locals and where the number of free beaches and naturist resorts are the highest. Outside of Europe, only the most Westernized countries such as the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand have strong naturist movements, while the rest of the world is seen as a dark area.

Not so anymore. If you frequent naturist Internet forums, you'll soon come to the conclusion that naturism is growing into a universal value. People in countries as varied as India, Malaysia, China, Mexico, Costa Rica and Egypt want to find naturist resorts closer to home. Globalization, closer international interaction through frequent travel, foreign studies, and not to forget the power of the Internet and its social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Last year, we recognized the power of the Internet by giving our Real Naturist of the Year Award to the web-based ClothesFree International.

This year, we recognize the growing potential of naturism across the world by awarding the Naturist Association Thailand Co., Ltd. While known for its beaches and sometimes as a sex tourism destination, the prominent Southeast Asian country has been culturally closed to public nudity and its non-sexual expression in the form of naturist beaches and naturist hotels. The Naturist Association Thailand can be proud that it is working to change the country's image and make it a welcome destination for naturists from around the world while promoting the good sides of the practice with the local population.

As you can read at its web site, the Naturist Association Thailand has more than 450 members and has awarded naturist-friendly status to four resorts in Pattaya close to Bangkok, in Cha Am and on the island of Phuket. In order to brave the ban on naturism in Thailand, the association has been set up as a private company, meaning its activities count as shareholders' meetings and can take place in the nude.

Support the expansion of naturism by getting in touch with naturist associations in overseas destinations where otherwise the practice of healthy non-sexual social nudity is not known. The next time you plan a trip to Thailand, contact the association and at least investigate the possibility of a naturist holiday in that beautiful country.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December in the Nude

Most parts of the world are covered in snow nowadays. A large part of North America, Europe, China, Japan. Even the rest doesn't look so bright. Strong winds and rain in the Middle East, usually a refuge for European holidaymakers.
So how does a naturist survive the winter? There are two answers: either by going textile and limiting his nudity to warm quarters like home and the sauna, or by moving (temporarily at least) to warmer climes.
There are numerous examples of those where naturism is still possible: Australia has naturist beaches and resorts, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil and even Thailand.
Those are faraway places for most of the rest of the world, so staying at home and turning the heater up or frequent visits to saunas are more realistic alternatives.
For most of us however, waiting until the spring or summer will be the thing to do.
Naturists are above all realists. Even though we prefer to go through life in the nude, we know this is not always possible. Therefore we go textile when we have to, to protect ourselves from excess cold or heat. December is one of those times. But snow doesn't mean we have to cover up all of the time. Remember, there are people who go skiing in the nude, and they do it on the same type of snow as all other skiers, so it is possible to combine nudity and snow, and to survive. Didn't Spencer Tunick take one of his mass nude shots on a glacier?
See you later this month, so in the meantime keep warm.

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