Monday, April 15, 2013

No, no, no, Ryan Gosling

In 2007 I chose Eva Mendes to be my first Celebrity Naturist of the Year because she was already known for liking to work in her garden naked and for appearing on posters and in movies with few clothes on. Last week, we got another confirmation that she likes the naturist lifestyle.
Boyfriend Ryan Gosling says she walks around naked at home all the time. Unfortunately, the news is that he wants to stop her doing so. Why? Because when he brings friends around to the house, she doesn't cover up.
What would I do if I had a partner/wife/husband/relative at home who never covered up? Well, the simplest and most reasonable thing to do would be to call ahead and say you're bringing somebody home to visit. If she says she's not planning to cover up, then I would tell my friend that people at home are naturists, so would they be shocked or offended if they found somebody at your home not wearing clothes?
It's all so simple really. If people really are shocked, you could time visits to coincide with your naturist family member's absence, or you could just meet elsewhere, at somebody else's home, or at a restaurant.
Is Eva Mendes being rude?
I don't think so, it's her home so she can do pretty much anything that's legal. Yes, she can show respect to Ryan Gosling's friends by covering up when they're there, but a/he should let her know beforehand and b/he shouldn't be ordering her what to do.
Having a mixed household - mixed anything, whether tastes, lifestyles, or cultures - is always an affair of give and take, and the same counts when one half is naturist and the other one isn't.
I hope the actor couple can work out what is after all a small problem and not let it divide them. As to the way things are developing according to the media, my words are:
No, no, no, Ryan Gosling - Yes, yes, yes, Eva Mendes.

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