Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vitaya: Readers Show their Breasts (2)

Readers of Belgium's women's magazine Vitaya showing their breasts to other readers. A strange promotional idea for a magazine with a new name? No, because if it were, they would have made a lot more noise about it. The cover on the magazine has none of the pictures, only the title of the article among many other titles.
So why did the magazine come up with this photo report? The reason is, of course, the international action against breast cancer symbolized by the pink ribbon. In an earlier posting, I showed you the Taiwanese models who went naked for the cause.
If you look at the top left woman in this picture from the pages of Vitaya, you'll see a former victim of breast cancer. It is important to know that women should not be judged for the size or look of their breasts, but that all can be proud of their breasts, as the women in the magazine report say they are, from the smallest to the largest.
If you know where to find one in your neighborhood, wear a pink ribbon and support those women who fell victim to the terrible disease.

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Friday, October 09, 2009

Topless but Painted

And I interrupt the postings about Vitaya magazine for something completely different, as Monty Python would have said. Public nudity in Taiwan has suddenly become an issue because of a fashion show.
Taiwan stages a national sports "olympics" in a different city each year, and this time they selected the country's third city, Taichung, as host and a fashion show to promote the event. However, instead of having athletes parade the new clothes at the promotional news conference, they had a young woman with the top of her body painted like an athlete's blue outfit. What many people at first did not notice, was that the woman was actually topless, though she might have worn small 'covers' on her nipples.
As soon as this hit the news, there were shocked statements saying it was totally unsuitable to have such a 'show' at a national sports event. The young woman however, apparently a student at a sports college, looked very happy and natural about it. During the event, she also posed as a golf and tennis player, making the right moves with the golf club and the tennis racket.
Taichung's deputy mayor, who spent most of the event standing next to her, later told reporters that he did not even realize she was topless - which is perhaps the main evidence that she shouldn't have shocked anyone.
The organizers argued that if she had worn the clothing, she would not have been able to show off the positive impact of sports on the body, which was the main aim of the event.
I saw the footage on Taiwanese TV, with the 'mosaic' or pixillation in place, and I must say there is nothing shocking about that young woman. She looked beautiful and natural. Just like nudity should.

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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Vitaya: Readers Show their Breasts (1)

Female readers sending in their topless pictures to a magazine. Can you imagine that in your country? No, it's not a racy magazine for men. And it's for a worthy cause. But more about that later.

Vitaya is a television station in the Flemish or Dutch-language part of Belgium. Its target viewers are women, so a large part of its programming consists of shows about gardening, cooking, style, animal protection, and imported drama shows.

Through business deals I don't understand anything about, it managed to have an existing magazine known as Evita change its title to Vitaya. And it's the first monthly edition under the new name, available from Belgian newsstands last month, that contains the topless pictures from readers.

Breasts from A to Z is the theme of the report, and it lists the pictures from the smallest to the largest sizes of breast, with comments from the ladies pictured about what they like or dislike about their breasts, mostly the former.

Again, naturism is not about showing off one's naked body to others, that could be mere exhibitionism, but it is about feeling good in one's body, no matter how it looks to others. Too often, you read comments in the mainstream media about how so many naturists are "ugly." Those are mostly written by immature spirits heading for the nude beach to spot irrealistically beautiful people, model men and women from a model world. Reports as the one in Vitaya show that there are all kinds of people, and all of them are beautiful in their own way.

As to the reason for the magazine pictures: more about that in my next posting.

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