Friday, January 20, 2012

Real Naturists of the Year 2011: Rong-rong and Ah-One

The Real Naturists of the Year Award each year goes to true naturists, i.e. people who not just speak about naturism, but also live it in their daily lives and promote it to the general public. For the past year's winners, we only know their pseudonyms, because they live in a country where public nudity is not welcomed, where there are no nude beaches and no naturist resorts, and where even women in bikini are still something to talk or snigger about.
Taiwan is one of Asia's most modern and wealthiest countries, but general attitudes about nudity still need some work. And that's where Rong-rong and Ah-One come in. They are a couple employed in the island's high-profile high-technology industry.
Over the past few months, they have worked hard at building up a naturist community. First of all on their blog, which you find at, has daily updates with Rong-rong answering questions from the public - mostly Taiwanese unaware and suspicious of naturism, but also a growing circle of friends and sympathizers.
Apart from the daily blog updates, Rong-rong and Ah-One have been instrumental in organizing monthly naturist get-togethers - at the immensely popular karaoke clubs or KTVs as they are known in Taiwan, at hot springs, at motels and hotels. Each month, she manages to invite about 20 naturists and newcomers for an introduction to social non-sexual nudity.
In addition to that, Rong-rong and Ah-One also have more limited naturist meetings with one couple at a time. They are invited to their homes, sometimes as far away as Central or Southern Taiwan, and spend a naturist day with them, eating, talking, sharing naturist experiences.
Last year, Next Magazine got wind of their activities, visited them, and reported about one of their meetings on its frontpage. While the magazine has a certain sensationalist reputation, this time its reporting was respectful. The result was that their blog received a sharp increase in visitors.
For working hard on the establishment of a naturist community and naturist culture in Taiwan, The Nude Guru gives its Real Naturists of the Year 2011 Award to Rong-rong and Ah-One.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Celebrity Naturist of the Year 2011: Heidi Klum

German supermodel and Project Runway presenter Heidi Klum is the Celebrity Naturist of the Year 2011, but if you follow me on Twitter, you already knew that.
No, Heidi is not naked like a naturist would be in these paparazzi pictures shot last summer on a Mediterranean beach.
But like our previous Celebrity Naturists of the Year Eva Mendes, Hilary Swank and Rosario Dawson, her liking of the naturist lifestyle and her relaxed attitude to non-sexual nudity while sunbathing or in the home are well known. Having grown up in Germany might have played a crucial role in Heidi's love of nudity, because that country has one of the highest proportions of naturists in the world. All over Europe, Germans are frequent visitors of naturist beaches and resorts.
Due to her celebrity status and the prevalence of paparazzi, Heidi might find it difficult to do the same and visit those resorts, but her attitude is enough for us to select us as the 2011 Celebrity Naturist of the Year, i.e. a famous person who through her words and deeds promoted the cause of non-sexual social nudity over the past year.
Congratulations, Heidi.
You all know this blog has been through some problems, but The Nude Guru is still fully operational at You also know I also selected the Real Naturists of the Year 2011. They will appear soon on this blog too.

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